News & Announcements

September, 2018

I am looking forward to meeting the new cohort of professional MS students in our innovative low-residency Master of HCI and Design:

May, 2018

Congratulations Simone Lanette for your successful Doctoral Defense:
Title: The Mere Presence of Mobile Phones During Parent-Teen Interactions.
Committee:  Melissa Mazmanian (Chair), Gillian Hayes, and Candice Odgers

Now go do amazing things!

August, 2018

I am honored to accept a position as Senior Editor for the premiere management journal, Organization Science

November, 2017

Enjoyed a chance to discuss “Information Technologies in Everyday Life: Perpetuating and Intensifying the Myth of What It Is to Be an Ideal Worker, Perfect Parent and Ultimate Self” at the Informatics Seminar Series.

June, 2018

Christine Beckman and I are happy to see our most recent Organization Science article, “Making” Your Numbers: Engendering Organizational Control Through a Ritual of Quantification, in print

March, 2016

Great news. Gillian Hayes and myself have just received a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to study the impact of mobile phones on perceived closeness and quality of social interactions among parents and teens with doctoral student Simone Lanette

February, 2016

Katie Pine and I are enjoying seeing our most recent Academy of Management Journal article, Artful and Contorted Coordinating: The Ramifications of Imposing Formal Logics of Task Jurisdiction on Situated Practice" in print