Doctoral Students


  1. Advisor: Phoebe Chua, Informatics

  2. Advisor: Sam McDonald, Informatics

  3. Advisor: Eugenia Rho, Informatics

  4. Co-Advisor: Marina Fedorova (co-advised with Paul Dourish), Informatics

  5. Co-Advisor: Hillary Abraham (co-advised with Paul Dourish), Informatics


  1. Co-Advisor: Alexandra Toll (co-advised with Gerardo Okhuysen), 2019.  

  2. Advisor: Simone Simpson Lanette, Informatics, 2018: Currently leading Data Driven Content Consultancy

  3. Committee member: LouAnne Boyd, Informatics 2018: Currently working at Chapman University

  4. Advisor: Ellie Harmon, Informatics, 2015: Currently working at Portland State University

  5. Co-Advisor: Lynn Dombrowski, Informatics (co-advised with Gillian Hayes), 2015: Currently working at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), Department of Human Centered Computing

  6. Committee member: Jed Brubaker, Informatics, 2015: Currently working at University of Colorado, Boulder, Department of Information Science

  7. Committee member: Julia Haines, Informatics, 2015: Currently working for Google

  8. Committee member: Marisa Cohn, Informatics, 2013: Currently working at ITU Copenhagen

  9. Committee member: Silvia Lindtner, Informatics, 2012: Currently at University of Michigan, School of Information

  10. Committee member: Lilly Irani, Informatics, 2012: Currently at UCSD, Communications

  11. Committee member: Judy Chen, Informatics, 2011: Currently working for Google